aka you suck the way you are, be what we think you should be.

Just like Tokio Hotel is my favourite band ever is not enough…they decided to use my favourite quote in a song…

Omg…see! I choose the right band! 


Bill: getting ready to shoot @bradelterman [x]

Really, they needed to say so fans can finally realise? It was obvious they got sick of everything. They disappear for a while. That means they were unhappy, it’s hard being unhappy but it’s even harder when the whole world is watching you, expecting everything from you, no mistakes, be perfect, It’s kind of funny how they took a break the same time I did so I guess I can understand more? Aliens should all learn from them. If you are not happy, you must do something about it. Music is escape. How can you enjoy it, if you focus on every single negative thing they say or do. Yeah, yeah it’s your opinion but here’s mine. If you can’t accept and enjoy what Tokio Hotel is NOW, which means 100% Tokio Hotel you can leave anytime. If you can’t feel their music anymore, don’t wish for better album, don’t fucking talk shit how they suck now, they will never be something you want because they are what THEY want to be. If you keep loving on what Tokio Hotel was or what they should be in your opinion, but hating what are in present, omg you’re such a fan… sort your life out, you’re clearly not living the way you want and I hope you’ll find your way.

Chill the fuck out everybody.

I respect Tokio Hotel even more now, for getting their shit together and staying strong. I heard 2/15 of the album but I think Kings of suburbia is the best and strongest album from all of them. I don’t get how you can’t feel RRR and GGAG? I don’t want to know xD 

I’m on top of the world since I heard Girl got a gun. It’s pure perfection. Some say where the fuck is the meaning? It has a meaning, you can explain as you want it. But remember first time you heard Durch den Monsun? Many of us didn’t understand it, yet we fall in love. It’s about the feeling. How music makes you feel. Sometimes you need to understand it beyond the words and lyrics. That’s Tokio Hotel for me,

love. Getting lost in music. 

And I will never regret being their fan. I’m so fucking proud of them. 


run run run destroyed my heart but girl got a gun is going to destroy my ovaries

"Of course it’s a risk. But with this album, everything is just the way we want it to be and this is the first time we can say this honestly. We didn’t write songs, which had to sell out. The album is 100% us. 100% Tokio Hotel. Saying this feels damn good."
reason why you should stop fucking complaining (via vollidioten)