Also, can we talk about this man who spent at least half of his life being called gay, homo, fag -in every worst meaning of the words- and now has the guts to appear in a video touching/ being touched by other men and is silently slapping so many people across the face while at it.

That sick beat of The heart get no sleep!  I was obsessed with it since THTV. Well, I’m in love with every single song on Kos. I’ll wait for full album but I think it’s my favourite from TH. We all know they sound even better live. Kos tour will be epic! Oh my poor feelings, can I take so much happiness? Btw #travelpussy Bill is so much better, than “innocence”, 

it’s only 4 days! daamn!

My feels! Sorry Humanoid, I’ll marry Kings of suburbia. It’s perfect! <3 *.*

Today we Feel It All.
We Run, Run, Run so much,
away from the Stormy Weather of the last four years.
Because The Heart Gets No Sleep and Girl Got A Gun,
you better Love Who Loves You Back.
The Masquerade will again be
Dancing In The Dark.
The Kings of Suburbia finally Invaded.
And we are now a fandom Covered In Gold.
It’s a Great Day.
And We Found Us.
Because they will Never Let You Down
and they are Louder Than Love.

Official lyrics of Run Run Run.

mic collection #sennheiser #black #white #gold #kingsofsuburbia #tokiohotel

Love who loves you back?

I admit I was very angry this week, but honestly who cares? I could say hurtful things but I didn’t, at least not in the meanest way like I felt it. But you know what? I’m done. I’m not in the fandom to fight.  I’m in the fandom so I can enjoy music and fangirl over the band I love. I’ll try avoid future dramas (the wave is coming tomorrow if LHLYB video will be out).

I’ll say this once and for all.

Tokio Hotel is not responisble for your feelings - you are. No matter if you hate or love them now. If they make you happy, great, if not, look at your life, learn to live and don’t give any focus on what makes you feel bad. Maybe you can’t understand that but one day I hope you will. (I used to be the shittiest person, angry at everything and everyone as a teen. I used drugs and alcohol so I could feel “normal”. I hated my life, myself, my family. Yes Tokio Hotel saved my life, just because I saw hope. I was so fucked up I couldn’t go to any of their concert, which sucks. I could enjoy life but I didn’t until I realised it’s all in my head. Even depression. Yes it’s mental illness and you need to stay true to yourself, admit you have problems and find solutions. I’ve been throught alot, few years later I’m at much more happy and sane place, life has ups and downs but I learnt to deal with it. It’s really, really not worth it to feel unhappy for too long. I don’t blame anyone if I feel bad and it sometimes made me feel even worse because I know it’s my problem, people around me can be shitty to me, rude, they can bring me down but that’s just because I let them.)

Look at Bill, the main reason he’s my idol is how he handles life and hate. Bill doesn’t give fucks. He’s pro at not giving fucks lol, Why? Self-love. Because he believes in himself, he put 100% of his energy and work into things he believe, into things that makes him feel right at that moment. He can control his mind to 100% focus on what he needs. He does not let opinions and hate to become his reality. It’s natural to him.  All 4 boys are such a strong people and that’s why I admire them even more. You know, “Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up.” Our fandom is lacking this spirit at the moment, but it’s still possible, we saw how much positivity we have in us yesterday. It felt better right? 

People were leaving fandom everytime Bill changed his hair, not to mention all Humanoid drama lol, so what, let them? It’s normal, why stay anyway if you can’t feel music anymore, if you are ashamed ? Yes, most of them are very rude, but anger is our natural defense  against pain. It hurts. It must suck if you can’t relate and love band like you used to. But that doesn’t say anything about Tokio Hotel, some things are just not meant to be.

It would be lovely if you show respect, no matter what you feel towards Tokio Hotel, but since we live in fucked up society, I don’t expect that, I will give Tokio Hotel only support, love and positivity. I’ll try to enjoy every minute that are giving to us, life is too short to waste time with bullshit anyway. I’m so happy right now, I can only smile to all hate and I’ll try to keep my happiness always at this level. Everything seems so beautiful. My life is far away from perfect but I learned to fully enjoy little things that makes me feel good and not stick around at bad places in my mind for too long. 

Keep your spirits high! Peace out loves. :) 


Bill ~ “jetlagged” - colour corrected  by: HTC